# 38 Science vs Authority

So what would a scientist say? Maybe, “Follow the Scientific Method”.

But what exactly is the scientific method? What is science, for that matter? Let’s go ask Richard Feynman. He’s dead, but his videos live on.

Feynman on Scientific Method

Now I’m going to discuss how we would look for a new law.

In general, we look for a new law by the following process:

First, we guess it. (Laughter) Don’t laugh, it’s really true.
Then we compute the consequences of the guess—to see if this law that we guessed is right, what it would imply. Then we compare those computation results to Nature or we say we compare them to experiment or experience—compare it directly with observation to see if it works.

If it disagrees with experiment. It’s wrong.
And that simple statement is the key to science

We can always prove any definite theory wrong.
Notice, however, that we can never prove it right.

It is temporarily right, but it can never be proved right, because tomorrow’s experiment may succeed in proving what you thought was right, wrong.

So we can never be sure we are right, we can only be sure we’re wrong.”

If you watch all nine minutes and 58 seconds of the video (which I highly recommend) you will notice that I have ruthlessly edited out a lot of good stuff. Even so, we need something shorter. How about this?

This is okay—as long as the evidence can be trusted.

I’m not a scientist. I’m just an 8th Grade Science Teacher–Retired. But for the past three years I have been searching for evidence. As I searched for evidence I found out that many scientists, doctors and journalists were also demanding to see the evidence.

Evidence that the Covid 19 virus was as dangerous as the World Health Organization claimed.
Evidence that lockdowns could slow the spread of the virus.
Evidence that masks could keep people healthy.
Evidence that six feet of separation guaranteed safety.
Evidence that ivermectin and hydroxychloroquin were dangerous drugs.
Evidence that the vaccines effectively prevented Covid-19 infection.
Evidence that the vaccines were effective in preventing transmission of the Covid 19 virus.
Evidence that the vaccines were safe and did not cause serious injury.

However they were censored and viciously attacked by people who held powerful positions in government, finance, religion, the media and other institutions of authority.

The Voices of Authority were the ones we heard, not the Voices of Logic and Reason.

The real message hidden behind “Follow the Science” was this.

Would you have automatically obeyed this meme? Probably not. You would have been insulted.
“How dare you! Who do you think you are? I’m an adult, not a three-year-old!”.

Instead, they invoked the name of SCIENCE— the combined achievements of generations of geniuses—and we bowed down in humble respect and obeyed.

But there is no such thing as a Science Authority that demands to be blindly obeyed, that punishes anyone who asks questions and demands evidence. Science is simply a multigenerational process by which humanity teaches itself about nature based on measurable, repeatable, sharable observations.

However, we all know that there is such a thing as AUTHORITY. Since the beginning of the so-called Pandemic, the general public has not been acting on scientific evidence, but on statements issued through the media based on sketchy, contradictory, incomplete data. What was the source of this data? The AUTHORITY. Could we access the original experimental data? No.

The AUTHORITY has used different names—usually abbreviated into a series of letters. In the United States it was WHO, CDC, NIH, AMA, FDA and others. Without any substantial scientific evidence, the AUTHORITY carried out one of the most effective propaganda campaigns in the history of the world designed to control the minds and behavior of the human population. It continues to do so. Who or what is this AUTHORITY? There are different theories. I need more data in order to decide which, if any, are true. However, I can accurately describe every single tool of mind/behavior control that has been used against you and me. The “Follow the Science” slogan is a blatant example. It is a lie designed to manipulate behavior. We would never have followed the hidden message, which is

Control Savvy people should consider another slogan. How about this one?

Original image can be found at https://wallpaperaccess.com/full/3592610.jpg.

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