#28 Sorting Control Savvy

Happy New Year! In the tradition of new beginnings, I am in the process of organizing my blog into a website, controlsavvy.com. I am new at this, so I apologize for any and all weirdnesses. For example, I don’t know why each post now has two copies of the same picture at the top of the page.

Over the past two years I have produced 27 articles (blog posts). Right now they are all visible on the home page—all you have to do is scroll. They are organized according to sequential numbers according to the date they were written. This is the control technique of the blog, the diary, the daily journal, the ship’s log, etc. That won’t help new readers navigate the content as it grows. Therefore, it is time to establish a menu at the top of the page. In order to do that, I have to develop another control system using the control technique of classification. That means dividing the posts into different categories. But what categories? These are what I have come up with for now.

About – Control Savvy is a website, which is a system. All websites are systems of control. When you access a website you should ask (if you want to be control savvy), who is in control of the website? What does this person, group, conglermate, etc. want me to think? What does/he/ she/ it/ they want me to do, or not do? One person controls Control Savvy. The webpage that comes up (hopefully) when you click on “About” will give you answers to some of your questions.

Hometown NYC – I live in one of the five boroughs/counties of New York City. This is where I can access information on a daily basis, in person, human to human without depending on the vast information systems that would immediately disappear in the event of an electrical blackout or an internet failure of some kind. I can’t access everything that is going on in my city, but I can walk or ride a bicycle and seek contact with other human beings face to face. I prefer to write from this point of view rather than speak about what is happening in China, India or Fargo, North Dakota–although it is nice to know what individual human beings are thinking and doing in those places.

Control Systems – I classify Control Systems into Natural and Human. If you prefer, you can say created by God or created by human beings. Humans are natural systems. Our brains, not created by us, invent systems that help us deal with Nature.

Control Techniques – These are tactics that we humans have created to control each other and the natural world. The same technique can be used by you, for you, against you, inspite of you, because of you, in your name, without your permission, with malice, with love…and on and on.

Reviews – I will be reviewing articles, books, videos, websites, movies and other sources of information that will provide facts that are not easily accessible to most people. Each of these reviews are accompanied with a warning: Incoming Mind Bomb. For those who encounter the information for the first time, the experience can be disorienting.

Links – Sharing sources of information is a control technique. I share links where I have found helpful information. Perhaps you will too.

Control systems that we invent and control are never really finished. Some or all of the above could change.

The photographs at the top of this post were borrowed from http://tomalphin.com/2014/03/from-buckets-to-bins-how-to-sort-a-lot-of-lego.html

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