#39 Can It Hurt Me? Can It Kill Me?

Liberation by M.C. Escher. You are constantly scanning your surroundings for danger. It’s automatic. All humans do it. All animals do it. Plants do it. It’s not anxiety. It’s not paranoia, It’s not cowardice. It’s survival. You react even before you are consciously aware of the danger. A foreign organism somehow gets inside of you?... Continue Reading →

# 38 Science vs Authority

So what would a scientist say? Maybe, "Follow the Scientific Method". But what exactly is the scientific method? What is science, for that matter? Let’s go ask Richard Feynman. He’s dead, but his videos live on. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EYPapE-3FRw&list=PLyQSN7X0ro23NUN9RYBP5xdBYoiv2_5y2 Feynman on Scientific Method Now I’m going to discuss how we would look for a new law.In general,... Continue Reading →

#36 Lie Catchers

They spend hundreds of hours searching the internet for information ignored by the MainStream Media, aka the MSM ( New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, NBC, CBS, FOX, etc). Then they use that information to poke holes in stories published by the MSM. They reveal bald-faced lies, half-truths and hidden truths. They are the Lie... Continue Reading →

#35 Language and Mind Control

"What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet." Salt is the name of a very common substance found on earth. You could also call it sal, sel, sale, sol, so, Salz, sout, salis, sals, sare, zout, salann, gishiri, ntsev, uyah, mchere, cusbo, kripe, tote, duz,... Continue Reading →

#34 Propaganda is not Proof

Toy companies prepare for the Christmas season by using advertising techniques to convince children that they absolutely MUST have the latest toy. The children then go to their parents and wage their own campaign to convince the adults (the real consumers) to buy the toy. The image above uses a child's fantasies to manipulate her... Continue Reading →

#33 Litany of Fear 2020

During the first two weeks of 2020 we were exposed to a litany of fear by practically every media outlet--corporate, alternative, social platforms. Fearmongering is a mind/behavior control technique. How can we prevent ourselves from being captured by fear campaigns? First, learn to recognize the daily obsessive repetition of words and images that are designed... Continue Reading →

#32 Newton’s Mountain

“Why doesn’t the moon fall out of the sky?” asked Jose. I felt like yelling, “GOOOOOAL” and running around the classroom waving my arms in triumph, but a teacher must maintain a sense of decorum in order to model appropriate behavior in front of her students…who were, unfortunately, spoiling my feeling of success by laughing... Continue Reading →

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