#23 COVID Comic Book Reality

Beowulf and the Dragon

At the beginning of 2020, humanity was attacked by a Super Villain Virus. A Monster Virus infected one person after another, jumping from host to host, killing or maiming everyone it touched. There was no defense against it. The Super Villain was everywhere—in the air, on every surface, inside loved-ones as well as strangers. The only way to survive was to hide away and avoid other people.

At the beginning of 2021, a Super Hero Vaccine arrived to save humanity. He entered into the body of every human and created tiny armies that could fight and kill the Monster Virus whenever it tried to invade a human body. Soon the Super Villain was vanquished. People could come out of hiding and walk the Earth without fear. Celebrations were held with much dancing and rejoicing as humans returned to the lives they had lead before the arrival of the Monster. The Super Hero was invited to stay forever inside humans, ready to create tiny armies to fight and kill any and all Monsters who might dare to threaten humanity in the future.


This sounds like a story straight out of a comic book, doesn’t it? Well, this is the COVID-19 story that we are expected to believe. What is the role of normal, everyday people in a Super Hero vs Super Villain story? In comic books they are supposed to wait passively to be rescued. That is what New Yorkers have been expected to do since March of 2020—listen to the experts, obey the mandates, wait for the Super Hero Vaccine, and then welcome it into our bodies when it arrives.

We are told to “have faith in science” and “believe in science”, because the experts know more than we do. But we don’t need to have a PhD to recognize when we are being bullied. That’s a gut feeling that needs no instruction. If we begin to analyze the story from the outside instead of accepting our designated role, we begin to realize that we aren’t witnessing science in action. We are experiencing a very effective campaign of mind/behavior control.

On October 29, 2021, at five o’clock PM, thousands of New York City workers who had not yet taken the mRNA vaccine, were forced to allow it into their bodies or lose their salaries. Mayor Bill de Blasio might argue that he wasn’t forcing anyone to get vaccinated. He was giving them a “choice”. That’s the kind of choice a bullyboy gives to his victim when he says “Which do you want me to break, your right leg or your left leg?” It is no choice at all.

This mandate is not about public health. Even if the comic book story were true (it’s not), the bullyboy mandates prove that the Covid-19 storytellers are bad guys who are much more dangerous to us than the virus itself. Super Heroes don’t exist outside mythology, any more than Super Monsters do. Super Solutions and Happy-Ever-After Futures don’t exist either.

We are supposed to believe that vaccinating 100 percent of humanity will eradicate COVID-19 and its variants. The Unvaccinated are portrayed as Super-spreaders, infectious hosts who are delaying Happy-Ever-After. The bullies would have us believe that it is okay to force mRNA vaccines on every human—man, woman, child, and unborn child—for their own good and for the good of all humanity. But these are just words. There is no conclusive scientific data to back them up.

The virus is not a Super Monster. It kills some, sickens others, and leaves the majority of humans untouched. The vaccine is not a Super Hero. Genetic engineering technology has never been used on large numbers of humans before. It is true that millions of people have received the vaccine with few serious side effects. However, those millions are really participants in a huge science experiment. It will be years before we know what the long-term effects might be. The Unvaccinated are not infectious hosts. They are free men and women who do not choose to be guinea pigs. Forcing them to participate in a world-wide science experiment will not bring Happy-Ever-After. It will lead to a hard, cold, cruel reality where choices don’t exist. Decisions will not be made by you, but for you and about you. Talking heads will proclaim the decisions, and bullyboys will enforce them. You will comply, or else.

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