#24 COVID Detective Story

Covid cases, hospitalizations, and deaths by age. Feb 2020 to Sept. 2021

We have been chosen to serve on the defense team of Corona V. Monster, accused of breaking and entering into the bodies of 1,051,361 New Yorkers (Citywide Case Count) with the intention of enslaving their cells and forcing them to produce viral spawn . He is also accused of the attempted murder of 117,959 (Citywide Hospitalized Count), and finally, the first degree murder of 33,977 people (Citywide Death Count).

Unfortunately, we must personally interview the Monster. No video allowed. We wear HazMat suits.

“I’ve been framed!!!” Sobs Corona. “I’m not a killer! Sure, I invade bodies. I’m a virus, that’s what we do. Sure, I convince cells to make copies of me, but the term enslavement is a little harsh. I call it “co-opteration”. Just look at the first three lines under ‘DEATH COUNT”. Do you see any numbers? No. That’s because I’m a cold virus. I don’t kill children! I just make them sniffly, snotty, and slobbery—all the better to invade other children. But do you see any deaths? No!!! I’ve been framed!!!!

The team exchanges skeptical looks. OK, what the heck. We’ll bite. “So who do you think is framing you and why?”

“It’s the pharmaceutical companies, that’s who! How much do they charge for each one of those stupid PCR tests? How much for the vaccines? They are making big bucks. Where do you think the money is coming from?”

“You’re saying that Pharmaceutical Corporations like Pfizer, Johnson and Johnson, Roche, etc are framing you so they can make money from testing and vaccinating?”

“Yes!” screams Corona, “don’t you see? I’m the perfect fall guy! I’m everywhere. Send their PCR bloodhounds looking for me, and they WILL find me. But I’m never alone. Do they test for all the other viruses and bacteria? Do they call them monsters? And what about all those “Co-morbidities”? Diabetes, Cancer, Liver Disease, COPD. Yeah, I was there, but I was just an innocent bystander. Sometimes I had already left the scene weeks before. It’s an evil plot, I tell you!”

“What about the hospitalized kids? Did Pfizer plant them in the ERs?”

“Very funny”, sneers Corona, “children wind up in the hospital for all kinds of reasons, never from the sniffles. But if they come in with an asthma attack and ‘test positive’, Oh Wow! it’s a COVID Case. You’ll be sorry when they start programming kid’s cells to produce spike proteins! I have been around since cells began to divide—billions of years. We have evolved together you and I, and you can protect yourselves against me. You have no defenses against genetic programming by human monsters! Just watch! You’ll be sorry, STUPID HUMANS!

Back in the office the leader looks at the downcast faces of his team. “Look, I know you are discouraged. We don’t have to like the client or prove he is innocent. We just have to find evidence that puts reasonable doubt into the minds of the jurors. He may be paranoid and manipulative, but there might be a few valid leads among all that raving. Any ideas?

We decide to make a list of questions, divide into working groups, and search for answers. We establish a webpage so that we can share information and updates as new facts are discovered. Strategy sessions are held at 9:00 AM Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

(Update: due to the large quantity of evidence we have discovered (much of it favorable to our client), we will be concentrating on research and be unable to hold strategy sessions as frequently as we had hoped. As evidence is organized and compiled by the working groups we will share it on this website–please see #25).

Corona V. Monster Defense Team Information-Sharing Page


1. What is the definition of a “Case”?

2. What is the difference between a “Confirmed Case” and a “Probable Case”

3. What evidence is used to charge Corona V. Monster as the perpetrator of Confirmed cases and Probable cases?

4. How does Corona V. Monster enslave a human cell and force it to make copies of him?

5. Is the cell permanently damaged by its interaction with Corona V. Monster?

6. What evidence is used to charge Corona V. Monster with attempted murder of hospitalized victims?

7. What evidence is used to charge Corona V. Monster with first degree murder of deceased victims?

8. What is a PCR test? How does it work?

9. How easily can a PCR test “find” Corona V. Monster?

10. Can PCR tests also “find” other viruses and bacteria?

11. Was any effort made to link other viruses or bacteria as perpetrators or co-perpetrators of the attempted murder or murder New Yorkers?

12. What other tests are used to prove that Corona V. Monster is a perpetrator?

13. How is Corona V. Monster linked with Co-morbidities like Diabetes, Heart Disease, Cancer, etc.?

14. How much do pharmaceutical companies charge for each test? How are they paid?

15. How much do pharmaceutical companies charge for each vaccination? How are they paid?

16. How do the COVID vaccines work? How are they similar and different from other vaccines?

Additional Questions

17. What are the symptoms of COVID-19?

Case Definition and Proof Working Group Report

We suggest adding the following question: What are the symptoms of COVID-19?

This working group was surprised to learn that the definition of “confirmed case” relies on the molecular test also known as the PCR test. We look forward to working closely with the COVID Tests Working Group to find out if there is any doubt as to the reliability, accuracy, or validity of PCR tests. Challenging the PCR test will challenge all confirmed case numbers. PCR tests could be the Achilles heel of the prosecution’s case!

Questions 1, 2, 3, 6,7

Definition of Confirmed and Probable COIVD Case

Confirmed COVID-19 case: A person is classified as a confirmed COVID-19 case if they test positive with a molecular test

Probable COVID-19 case: A person is classified as a probable COVID-19 case if they meet any of the following criteria with no positive molecular test on record: (a) test positive with an antigen test, (b) have symptoms and an exposure to a confirmed COVID-19 case, or (c) died and their cause of death is listed as COVID-19 or similar”

NYC Department of Health: https://github.com/nychealth/coronavirus-data#case-definitions-for-covid-19

Question 6

Definition of Hospitalized COVID Case

Hospitalizations are among confirmed or probable cases of COVID-19


Question 7

Definition of Confirmed and Probable COVID Deaths

A death is classified as confirmed if the decedent was a NYC resident who had a positive molecular test for the virus that causes COVID-19.

A death is classified as probable if the decedent was a NYC resident (or residency pending) who had no known positive molecular test for the virus that causes COVID-19 but the death certificate lists “COVID-19” or an equivalent as a cause of death.


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