#36 Lie Catchers

They spend hundreds of hours searching the internet for information ignored by the MainStream Media, aka the MSM ( New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, NBC, CBS, FOX, etc). Then they use that information to poke holes in stories published by the MSM. They reveal bald-faced lies, half-truths and hidden truths. They are the Lie Catchers.

I call them Lie Catchers for want of a better name. They aren’t traditional journalists because they don’t go out into the field and interview eye-witnesses and whistle-blowers. They don’t contend with censorship by their bosses. Instead, they publish their findings on their own internet platforms. I could call them “information analysts”, but that hides the private-eye detective/wild-west sheriff aspect of lie-catching which specifically hunts down, gleefully captures and then triumphantly displays the lie for all to see.

Predictably, the storytellers who provide the official stories to the MSM resent anyone who highlights structural weaknesses in their carefully constructed narratives. They admit nothing, deny everything, and use every propaganda trick in the book to discredit the offending Lie Catchers . Name-calling is a favorite technique. For example, “conspiracy theorist”, “flat-earther”, “antivaxer”, and “fake news” are insults often hurled at successful Lie Catchers.

I’d like to take a moment to consider the insult that has been used most often, which is “conspiracy theorist”. A person who correctly identifies a lie or half-truth in an official story is not a conspiracy theorist. A person who correctly identifies new information that has been ignored by the MainStream Media is not a conspiracy theorist. However, it is very tempting to come up with alternative stories when the official story crumbles under the weight of its exposed lies. These alternative stories are called conspiracy theories by the people who have been exposed as liars. Discredited stories leave the door open for alternative stories, and in my opinion, that’s the way it should be. May the story constructed from the strongest facts win.

What does all this mean for Control Savvy people? We cannot make good decisions based on false information. Lie Catching serves a necessary role in society because people with jobs and families and hobbies and social lives don’t have time to spend hours on the internet sifting through information that challenges a story that could mislead us into making bad decisions.

The image at the top of the page shows a “dream catcher”. According to powwows.com,

“Dream catchers can be traced back to the Ojibwes…It is believed that dream catchers originated with Asibaikaashi, who was known as the Spider Woman. She was a custodian of all of the Ojibwe infants and adults. However, in time it became a difficult task for her to take care of all of the Ojibwe people as they started spreading out across different regions of North America.

To help, the Ojibwe women started weaving magical webs for the infants. They used willow hoops and sinew to weave them, and they gifted them to the Ojibwe children as a medium of protection. These charms hung above the children’s beds to catch any bad dreams or other harm that might be present.”

I used the dream catcher image because I think Lie Catchers trap lies the way the dream catcher was supposed to trap bad dreams. Large numbers of lies perpetrated on an unsuspecting public can become horrible nightmares.

Today marks the 21st anniversary of 9/11. For 21 years, Lie Catchers have been sifting through a huge amount of information from multiple sources—most of it available on the internet. They have identified bald-faced lies, half-truths and hidden truths about the events of that day; about what led up to the events; and about the consequences of the events.

It is hard to admit that someone you trust has betrayed you, even in the face of incontrovertible proof. The question is, do you want to be controlled by liars or not? Control Savvy people do not.

James Corbett is one of my favorite Lie Catchers. He has recently published a three part series entitled, “False Flags: The Secret History of Al Qaeda”. Part 3 will air later today. Here’s is the link:

False Flags: The Secret History of Al Qaeda

You can also find the same series on Last American Vagabond. James Corbett (writer and producer) and Broc West (editor) join Ryan Cristian (another favorite Lie Catcher) on livestream to watch and discuss each episode.

Here is a Control Savvy challenge. Count how many lies about Al Qaeda are caught in each Lie Catcher episode.

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