#31 Knives Don’t Kill People, People Kill People

Two years ago today I published my first post, “# 1 Who or What is In Control?” At the time I was blissfully unaware of the Coronavirus Story that was developing in China. For many years I had chosen to ignore daily news reports, because I thought they were more manipulative than informative.

Instead of reading the news, I read about the news. I studied how the news media manipulates the information we receive. It became a hobby. Slowly, but surely I realized that certain control techniques are used throughout human interactions—sometimes for good and sometimes for evil. It seemed to me that we are not taught to recognize control whenever and wherever it happens. For example, take knives. Knives are tools. The who, what when, where and why of their use depends on people. They can be used to cut a birthday cake or…

Knives don’t kill people, people kill people.

Knives don’t carve wood, people carve wood.

Source: Beaver craft carving tools

Knives don’t perform surgery, people perform surgery.

Source: aspensurgical.com

Knives don’t chop veggies, people chop veggies.

Source: foodhow.com

No matter what they are used for, knives are meant to cut things. Therefore, they are sharp and can be dangerous. It’s the same with propaganda and other mind/behavior control techniques. Use with caution. Recognize when they are being used on you.

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