# 16 Kids, COVID, and Animals

Before taking a vaccine or drug of any kind, these are some control-savvy questions you might want to ask.

Do I really need it?
If I do need it, does it work?
If it works, is it safe?
Will the benefits outweigh the risks?

Parents must also ask these questions on behalf of their children.

As we have already seen in post #15, children have not been seriously affected by COVID-19. Less than 500 out of 74,000,000 children in the United States have died from COVID. Do we need to vaccinate the millions who were impervious to this virus?

However, let’s suppose children do need the vaccine. Does it work? The answer is maybe yes, maybe no. Experiments on humans and animals indicate that the vaccine does cause the immune system to build up protection against COVID-19, but it is too soon to tell how well it works. It could take years before we know if the vaccine was really worth the hype.

Suppose the vaccine does work? Will it cause lasting problems in some children? Will it kill others? No long-term safety studies on animals or humans have been completed. They are ongoing. Every human who volunteers to take the vaccine agrees to become a test subject in a big experiment to see just how effective and how safe it is.

Children can’t volunteer themselves. If you allow your child to be vaccinated, you are volunteering him or her to take part in a very large science experiment on a brand-new medical technology that has never been used on humanity before. It shouldn’t even be called a vaccine. It is not like any other vaccine we know. It is a product of gene synthesis and recombinant DNA technology. You can read about the way the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA “vaccines” are produced in this article: A COVID-19 vaccine life cycle: from DNA to doses.

How can busy, hard-working parents figure out if the benefits of genetically engineered therapies outweigh the risks? One way is to simply wait a few years and see what happens to the millions of human volunteers. Another way is to find out what kind of proof scientists have that justifies the massive propaganda campaign that has been unleashed on us during these COVID Times. I suggest using both control-savvy techniques. Wait and see. Ask for proof.

If you are control savvy, you might ask at this point: “Is this writer trying to control me? She is obviously trying to influence my behavior. Influence is a kind of control.”

I’ll answer you by quoting myself from #8 Mind Control and Zombie Robots:

“Who or what do I want to control by writing this blog?

First, I want to learn as much as I can about control so that I can avoid falling under the influence of those who would try to manipulate me with evil intent.  Therefore, I want to control my own mind and behavior as I research and write.

Secondly, I would like to pass my knowledge on to you, the reader.  That means that I seek first to control your mind by adding new information or helping you to reinterpret facts that you already know.  Then I seek to control your behavior by making you as immune as possible to controllers who want to use or abuse you. 

Learning is a form of mind control and so is teaching.   Reading is a form of mind control and so is writing. We don’t usually think of it that way because the term “mind control” brings up images of helpless zombie robots.  However, by giving a person knowledge, you change his brain forever and therefore exert control over that mind.  The person might reject the knowledge as false, but he will never be able to unlearn it.”

Science is one of the ways that we humans try to control our world. We tend to leave this kind of control to a select group of people called “scientists”. That’s okay. Science is a system that works in the background while non-scientists focus on the immediate joys and problems that crop up each day. However, as I observed back in post #2 Repetition/ 1+1 = CONTROL, “We are surrounded by systems of control that we take for granted until they stop working.”

If you look back at the collage of photos at the top of this post you will see some of the animals that are being used as test subjects in the studies on genetically engineered “vaccines”. They are:

The brown Transgenic hACE2 mouse

The Rhesus macaque

The albino Wistar Han rat

The Human Family

You might resent the fact that I have referred to all of these test subjects as “animals”. “Humans aren’t animals”, you might say. Well, if you believe that you are not a lab monkey or a lab rat, then you should make sure that you do not volunteer yourself to be treated like one. The same goes for your children.

Is the control system called “science” in trouble? My answer to that question is, “yes”. We need to pay more attention instead of leaving it all up to the scientists. If you agree, join me and let’s all become more control savvy about science in COVID Times.

Here is an interesting video called The Life Of A Professional Lab Rat uploaded to YouTube on Jan 27, 2020 by VICE News.

It reports on lab animals and then moves on to interview men who call themselves “Lab Rats” because they earn money by signing up to become test subjects in phase 1 clinical trials.

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