Parents and Guardians,

Do NOT let your kids get a COVID19 vaccine…UNLESS…

…You have personal access to the results of Phase 1, 2, 3 and 4 COVID19 vaccine clinical trials in children under the age of 18.

Clinical trials and their individual phases are a very important part of clinical research. They allow the safety and effectiveness of new drugs or treatments to be properly assessed before being approved for use in the general public. These phases exist for a reason. Skipping over them or rushing though them should not be an option when it comes to our children.

What do these phases mean?

Phase I trials are concerned primarily with establishing a new drug’s safety and dose range in about 20-100 healthy volunteers. How a drug is absorbed, distributed, metabolized and excreted by the human body is called Pharmacokinetics. This is determined through frequent blood draws (usually in an inpatient environment) to check for the level of drug in the blood plasma. A Phase I trial takes several months to complete.

Phase II studies determine the effectiveness of an experimental drug on a particular disease or condition in approximately 100 to 300 volunteers. This phase may last from several months to two years.

Phase lll studies are conducted at multiple centers with several hundred to several thousand patients for whom the drug is intended. Massive testing of a drug provides continued generation of data on a drug’s safety and efficacy. As in Phase II, most Phase III studies are randomized and blinded. A drug in this phase can be studied for several years. Phase III clinical trials for COVID19 vaccines are still in progress yet millions have already been vaccinated.

Phase lV clinical trials happen after the FDA has approved medication. This phase involves thousands of participants and can last for many years.

Adults have the choice to accept or refuse the experimental vaccines that are being offered even though clinical trials are still in progress.

Innocent children depend on their parents to protect them.


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